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We create sustainable and successful SEO strategies to our partners

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    Our SEO Understanding

    We offer you to create a sustainable and successful SEO strategy for your website.

    ✧ Determination of brand needs and goals
    ✧ On-page and off-page SEO improvements
    ✧ Measuring, analyzing and regularly reporting
    ✧ Keep optimization to reach the best performance

    With our more than 5 years experienced and expert SEO agency team, we have made many success stories. Let’s make the next success story together.

    Why Acroas SEO Agency?

    Experienced and Expert SEO Team

    Successful SEO Case Studies

    Regular Meetings and Communication

    Customized Reporting

    Brand Training

    Better organic performing

    SEO is the process of creating a digital marketing strategy. These processes should be carried out by SEO agency and professionals.

    Working with the best SEO agency will bring success to your business. You can get support for more accurate interpretation of data that you have and taking the right steps with the reports created with SEO experts.

    Acroas is an SEO agency which can help you to grow your business with its expert SEO team.

    Our SEO Process

    Before starting technical audits, our SEO agency team spend their time for a deep research. This research process contains competitor and target audience research periods.

    Technical and content SEO audits follow the research period. A comprehensive understanding of SEO is driven by SEO agency team.

    We always measure, analyze and report the output regularly. Our goal is to reach better always and make success stories.

    Comprehensive SEO Approach

    Technical SEO

    Content SEO

    Link Building

    SEO Agency Process in 5 Steps

    Meet the brand and understand the needs

    Creat the SEO strategy and find keywords

    Start the technical and content SEO audits

    Measure the results, analyze and report them

    Keep optimization forever to reach the best

    Unmeasured and unreported data is not considered successful!

    Our SEO Goals

    Target Audience Analysis

    Determining the target audience for your website through targeted keywords.

    Increasing Organic Traffic

    Increasing your organic traffic through technical SEO and content SEO audits

    Increasing Conversion

    Increasing conversion rates by increasing quality traffic over total visits

    Behavior Measurement

    Audience segmentation with analysis of user behavior on your website

    Reducing Costs

    Efficient use of the budget with the right audience segmentation and reducing costs

    Sustainable Business

    Creating a sustainable business model and lifetime value with loyal customers

    Our SEO Scopes

    In addition to standard SEO processes, we aim to be your solution and success partner in your digital transformation process with our expert team who have site migration and many different cases studies experience.

    Scope of Technical SEO

    • Site Speed Optimization

    • HTML Code Optimization

    • 300 / 400 Status Code Checking

    • UX/UI Improvement Tips

    • Structured Data Implementation

    Scope of Content SEO

    • Meta Title & Description

    • Heading Tag Optimization

    • Image Alt Tag Optimization

    • Optimizing Existing Contents

    • Creating SEO Contents

    Scope of Link Building

    • On-Site Link Building

    • Blog Posts Link Building

    • Off-Site Linking (Backlink)

    • Social Media Integration

    • Creation of RSS and Google News

    We create a sustainable strategy model in line with the brand’s needs and goals, aiming for a long-term success.

    You can contact us to have a solution partner with an expert and experienced SEO agency

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