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Social Media Marketing is an effective way to businesses reach the right target audiences through social media channels

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Why Acroas?

Acroas manages all your social media accounts professionally

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    Expert Team

    Acroas manages the social media accounts of the brands as a solution partner of them, with its expert and experienced teams.

    Performance Oriented

    Acroas aims to maximize the return on your advertising investment, which is known as Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


    We manage the accounts with appropriate communication language to brand’s identity.


    We always measure, analyze and report the data we obtain in formats specially prepared for your brand

    Our Social Media Services:

    Acroas, social media marketing covers two services as social media management and social media advertisements.

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    Social Media Management

    • Facebook Account Management
    • Instagram Account Management
    • Linkedin Account Management
    • Twitter Account Management

    Social Media Advertising

    • Facebook Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Twitter Ads

    What is SMM?

    Social Media Marketing is the ability of brands and businesses to reach the right target audiences through social media channels and interact with their potential customers from there. Social media marketing; carried out through social media management and social media advertisements. While social media management aims to grow the accounts organically and increase the conversion; social media ads aim to grow and generate conversion with paid ads.

    Why is SMM Important?

    Social media platforms are increasing their influence day by day and reach large masses. Along with social media management and advertisements, social media marketing is one of the most effective methods to increase the presence and awareness of your business and to reach your potential target audience. You can integrate your social media accounts with your website, you can achieve your traffic and conversion goals by effectively managing your social media accounts.

    Social Media Management

    Within the scope of social media management, primarily Acroas; designs social media accounts of brands in accordance with their corporate identities. It also offers services such as how often and with what designs the posts will be shared on social media accounts, and how to respond to the interactions that come to these shared posts. Acroas Social Media team, which creates the content plan in line with the monthly and annual calendars, also publishes these posts. While sharing, special days and dates are included in monthly plans and different suggestions are shared for these days.

    Social Media Advertising

    Within the scope of social media advertisements, Acroas enables brands to reach wider audiences by creating different advertising models on social media platforms. These advertising models cover reach, traffic, brand awareness, interaction, conversion and other advertising models. All advertising models on all social media platforms are applied to the accounts of brands by expert staffs and the performance is measured. In this way, a performance-oriented approach is displayed by determining the most efficient advertising models that provide the best conversion for the brand.

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    To manage your social media accounts through a professional and experienced team

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